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Hello, my name is Emily and I am the founder of My Mini Explorer.  Like many other small business owners, I took a leap of faith on something very close to my heart.  You see, I have a sweet baby girl who just so happens to be the inspiration of all of my work.  I started all of this just wanting to create an adorable, cozy and functional wardrobe for her.  I found myself investing an abundant amount of time and money into the materials and tools I needed.  Creating my own designs, sewing, altering and re-sewing, comparing sizes, and wading through so many test runs.  After many hours and sometimes frustration, I was able to create something I absolutely love for someone I unconditionally love.  I knew in that moment that I wanted other mamas to have the opportunity to purchase a hand crafted item, made with love for their greatest love.

With that being said, thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Thank you from the bottom of this dream chasing mama and her mini explorer.

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